Your dream product is waiting for you. Let’s go get it!

  • Design

    Know what you need, but don’t have the resources to turn it into reality? We’ll take your idea from concept to finished product. Our product development process is a “think tank” approach where we bring creativity and efficiency together for solutions and innovative products.

  • Prototyping

    3D modeling and rapid prototyping has changed the way we work. We can turn our designs into parts within hours that are suitable for testing fit, function and strength. Already have a 3D CAD file and need a prototype?  We can quote your parts and provide quick turn-around.

  • Tooling

    We’ve been building high quality tooling for more than 3 decades, blending old school craftsmanship with modern technology. Capabilities include CNC sinker EDM, wire EDM, high-speed CNC milling, automated surface grinding, TIG welding, polishing, manual mills, lathes and grinders.

  • Molding

    Our integrated team brings design, tooling, and molding together for a seamless work flow. Computerized injection molding machines provide consistent quality and repeatable set-ups, and range from 20 to 440 tons, with shot capacities less than a few grams to more than 3 pounds.

  • Delivery

    From drop-ship orders to will-call pick up, you can count on us to get what you need when you need it.  We handle orders from a box of parts to multiple truckloads. Stocking programs can be arranged to make sure your product is always available when you need it!

  • Options

    Responding to customer’s needs for more than 3 decades has driven us to add capabilities that we are glad to offer today.  Rapid prototyping, Pad printing, and packaging are just a few of the additional services we offer. Contact us to get started on your next project.

Why Advanced Plastics?

Because we’re a complete source for every step of your plastic injection molded project. From the first design and prototype to shipping your finished product, the experts at Advanced Plastics have your success as a number one goal. Our experienced design team will get your project started right to ensure the best results, and best value.

  • Keep your project moving

    with a team that is intimately involved with every aspect of the development and manufacturing process

  • Complete In-House

    prototyping and tooling capabilities

  • Extensive molding capabilities

    give you the options you need

  • Quick, domestic delivery

    ensures nimble response times

  • 100% Made in the USA

    Proudly designed and made by state side plastics experts

Our partnership with Advanced has always made us feel like we are their only client. Dylan and the team are people we want to work with, and we love how quickly they can respond. We love the value and being able to support American industry is huge for us.   More

We needed our product done right, and finally found Advanced. It’s been easier working with a state-side supplier, and we value their consistency and collaboration in helping make our product as good as it can be. They are our go-to plastics guys!   More

Advanced Plastics has been working with us since the inception of our business in 1992… together we have produced over a hundred million units of product sold.  Through the years we have grown together and worked on development of new and innovative products.   More

I would like to take take a moment to tell you how great Advanced Plastics has been for me and my product. From the start we have become trusted friends. I know the office staff on a first name basis and am greeted with smiles at he door and treated as if I am the most important client that they have.   More

Questions? We’ve got answers.

Responding to customer’s needs for more than 3 decades has driven us to add a wide range of capabilities that we offer today. Our experience in custom molding and developing proprietary products means your project will be easier from concept to completion.

We want to be your single source for plastic products.

Why made in the USA?

For years, the manufacturing base in the USA has declined, but there has been a recent resurgence. We have been 100% made in the USA for over 35 years, and will always be. We are proud to support the US economy – American companies spending American dollars on American products equals American jobs.  Also, making your product in the USA eliminates the risks that are involved with overseas manufacturing. Many Chinese manufacturers are know to use inexpensive and inferior materials.  A quality defect or poor quality control can be a disaster to your startup or established business.

How do I get started?

A clear description of the end goal.  This can be a sketch on a napkin with a verbal description, homemade prototype, or technical drawings.  Basically we can help you from any stage of the process.

Why should Advanced Plastics build my mold?

Since we will be producing your product, the responsibility to provide quality molds that perform efficiently and hold up over time rests solely on us.

What if I already have molds?

No problem!  Molds are generally universal, however slight modifications are occasionally needed.

What volume is needed to offset the cost of molds?

We can build molds to accommodate just about any need.  Single cavity molds can be built to keep initial cost down.  We also build multi-cavity hardened steel production molds capable of running millions of cycles.  Contact us to find out if injection molding is the right fit for your need.

What kind of plastic should my product be made of?

We will help you select the right material for your product.  Price and availability are big factors, so we recommend materials that meet the need without going overboard.  We work closely with material suppliers to select resins with optimal properties for your product at the best price.  We also work with high-end engineering grade resins for demanding applications.

Isn’t it cheaper to have products made oversees?

Not necessarily.  On molded products we compete very well on price.  When factoring in all the issues of going overseas, customers find the best value right here.  Things to consider are shipping cost, lead-time, communication problems, quality issues, intellectual property rights, and overall service.